Over the last few months, I have been engaged in a new project which has been very succsessfull.
The Dip Pen Wand Project. This project has been my first experience in producing, marketing and then delivering items which have not been one of a kind.

I have learnt a lot! The first thing that I learnt was that it is doable, If you’re looking to do something different chances are some people will give advice which might be discouraging but if you have an idea and the drive chances are it might take some time but it will be doable.
The second thing I learnt was that experts like to share their knowledge. I joined groups of people who have launched products before and asked questions like when is it best to launch and end a campaign for crowdfunding. Tuesday after most people have a payday to start and Thursday half way through the month to end are the statistically best days to aim for.

The third thing I learnt was that production and good technique make things a lot easier faster. I had good technique before I started but after turning 25 dip pens in a day I have improved considerably and no longer make any mistakes :).

Most of the pens and pen wands are now travelling to their new owner’s locations and should be enjoyed for many years to come.

Meanwhile, I will use the funds gathered through crowdfunding to build a stock to sell at events like ComicCon and create an online store which will be coming soon.